What Is Your Relationship With This Moment?

by Mike
What Is Your Relationship With This Moment

What is your relationship with this moment — right now.

If the moment were a person what would the vibe between you be?

  • Good?
  • Bad?
  • Boring?
  • Exciting?
  • A fight?
  • A dance?

Again, what’s the vibe you feel with this moment?

be in the moment

Let’s pretend the moment is a she (it is).

Are you fighting with her?

Are you ignoring her stuck in your head thinking about the past or future?

Are you busy wishing things were somehow different?

Are you trapped thinking there’s a better she (moment) just around the corner?

Are you dragging her around by the hair in pursuit of a false sense of completion?


Are you fully connected to her.

Are you taking her (the moments) sometimes frantic energy in-stride with a sense of ease.

Are you content and happy because you’re an oak tree with deep roots — no storm can shake you.

Are you willing to take right action she calls for — and do it with a sense of acceptance and even enthusiasm.

Listen To This Song

Go ahead, hit play (preferably with awesome headphones), and ask yourself those questions again.


Don’t move so fast.
Slow down.
Let this feeling last.
It’s alright.
The star light will guide us through the night.

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