Warning: Don’t Be This Kind of Person

by Mike
Don’t Be This Kind of Person

There’s a certain type of person that loves to analyze things, but hates taking action.

They love getting new information and collect heaps and heaps of it.

They read books, they listen to programs, they read blogs, they are constantly ‘learning.’ The problem is they never actually apply anything. They like to analyze and discuss things down to the finest details, even though they still haven’t put anything into action yet.

These type of people love asking for and getting massive amounts of advise, but they don’t bother applying any of it.

These type of people argue over the nuances and minutia of everything they hear. They are constantly stuck in their head and are never able to make decisions, let alone take action.

They love to take stances on certain issues and argue with people who are on the other side of the viewpoints….even though they’ve never actually put into practice anything they are so adamantly arguing for.

  • In life, these people love watching the news and politics, but never end up doing much for their own pursuit of happiness.
  • In grappling, they love watching internet videos and arguing with people about what school is superior and dominant, but don’t care for actually rolling.
  • In health and fitness, they love buying diet pills and exercise machines, but hate actually forming a new habit.
  • In religion, they love engulfing themselves in doctrine, but don’t bother to treat their neighbor with any respect.
  • In business, they’re always super busy fiddling with things that don’t have any sort of impact on anything.
  • In general, there is always an excuse, and a logical reason for why things aren’t the way they are suppose to be.

So these people go on for years and years repeating this behavior. Nothing about their life ever really changes, even though they love to tell about how it has.

This is called mental masturbation.

It gives you something to do, but has no real purpose. It is empty calories. It is pointless.

It Doesn’t have to be Complicated

Here’s some advise, it’s usually not that complicated.

If you’re trying to lose weight, stop trying to nail down every issue around intermittent fasting you can possible conjure up, or discover the ‘magic’ perfect macro-nutrient ratio and start eating less food and exercising more.

Then after personal experience, you can make adjustments and continue to expand and learn and perfect.

If you’re trying to build a business, stop worrying about protecting your ‘brand’ (that doesn’t even exist) and start getting sales. When it’s time to focus on the brand, then handle that issue.

Do you see where this is going?

Be a doer, not a talker. Be a person of action, not a mental masturbator.

That’s right, I said mental mastubator (it gives you something to do, but doesn’t actually accomplish anything).

“If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. Your learning has to lead to ACTION”

Tony Robbins
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