The Secret to 100% Freedom: Take Response-ability

by Mike
The Secret to 100% Freedom

You know that feeling of freedom when you go on vacation? Or maybe when Friday rolls around you finally feel free – it’s the weekend! This is the feeling of freedom I’ll be talking about here. This is what we all crave. In fact, this is all anyone really wants.

Think about it, isn’t this why almost everyone is chasing money? When you look closely at what’s behind their motivation you’ll probably arrive at freedom. The person wants to experience a sense of freedom and they think money is going to give it to them.

How about this: why do people get drunk? Isn’t it to experience some sense of freedom? After you’ve pounded some hard liquor something shifts within you, awwwwww you can finally let go. The guards come down, the fear diminishes, you feel free.

How would it be to have this feeling surrounding you in every moment, of every day of your life? What if you could feel this way without necessarily doing anything? What if you could have this sense of freedom with you all the time? What if you didn’t need to get drunk or even become a millionaire to have this sense of freedom?

Is such a thing even possible?

In this post I’m going to tell you the secret to having a sense of freedom within you all the time. Total freedom. I’m talking about 100% contentment while being fully alive. Are you interested?

Feeling Free: The Benefits

When you feel free life becomes easy. You go through it effortlessly. It’s almost like you take on a different vibration when you’re feeling free and people around you can sense it. In fact, I’d argue that’s what charisma actually is. Charisma is a person who is a bit more free within themselves (you’ll see why when you keep reading). It’s infectious and everyone is drawn toward it.

Conversely, when you feel restricted, everything is a problem. You’re not at ease and you walk through life with a background hum of anxiety. Something is off! You’re not sure what it is, but something is off.

Most people go through their entire lives feeling this way: restricted and confined. They’re doing what they are supposed to do. But this approach to life will leave you lacking the sense of freedom that something within you craves. Life will feel like a pressure cooker where every once in a while you’ll blow up.

The Secret to Freedom

So what’s the secret? How do we go from feeling restricted and shut down to feeling free and therefore fully alive?

Take responsibility.

Sounds dumb I know but let me explain.

Your freedom lies within your responsibility. In other words, your freedom is your ability to respond. Your ability to respond is actually what makes you a piece of life rather than an inanimate object. Think about it. The difference between you and a rock is you have a certain ability to respond to your environment. A rock? It doesn’t have the ability to respond the way you do.

In other words: response-ability.

The more response-ability you take the more freedom you have. Do you see how they are one in the same? Conversely, the less responsibility you take the less free you are. A person that is running on compulsions, reactions, and never ending blame game isn’t free. They are in a self-made prison and their experience of life is less than desirable.


How is it Done?

Response-ability can only happen in this moment. This one right now. Not the previous one, and not a future one. This one.

In other words, this moment is the only moment in which you are free to respond. Why? Because previous moments and next moments don’t exist. Only this moment is reality. Everything else is your imagination.

Therefore, the ticket to your freedom lies within this moment and this moment only. When you take 100% response-ability for what’s happening within you, when you take 100% responsibly for what’s happening outside of you (yet know that only a certain amount of influence is possible because this is a multiplayer game), when you take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life – who you are, what you have, what you’ve lost, everything that has led you into this moment – you are free.

The more response-able you become, the freer you are.

Make Response-ability a Practice

Anything other than responsibility will suffocate you because it’s restricting. Blaming others, pointing the finger anywhere other than yourself, compulsions, they are all your prison because they are keeping you from responding (you become more like a rock and less like a human).

Take response-ability right now. Be response-able right now. Take response-ability for how you feel. Take response-ability for your action (what needs to be done?). Take response-ability for the way people around you feel (this is charisma). Take response-ability for everything within your field of influence.

This is THE spiritual practice. This is how you build the life that you want. And more importantly, this is how you can have a sense of freedom within each and every moment that you exist.

Remember, this is a practice. You will fail over and over. But take response-ability for the failures of the past and regain your freedom right now. What’s over is gone forever. This moment, and this moment alone is the place you can BE response-able.


Are you sold? Be response-able right… See how that feels? Now be response-able right… See how that feels? You are free. Be response-able within each and every moment that you encounter and you’ll walk though this world with a sense of freedom and ease that your soul craves.

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