Qwary Review: The BEST Survey SaaS So Far?

by Mike
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Understanding how your customers feel about your website, products, or services is an essential step when it comes to getting your business to the next level (whether it be an online or offline business). But how can you do that in a fun and engaging way?

Enter Qwary, the newest (and potentially best) kid on the block when it comes to survey tools.

So, how good is Qwary, and can it really replace the established tools available on the market?

Well, read on to find out through this Qwary review!

Alternative To

You can (potentially) use Qwary to replace:

  • Google Forms
  • TypeForm
  • Survey Monkey
  • QuestionScout
  • AidaForms
  • Form Plugins like WPForms and Ninja Forms

Use Cases

You can use Qwary to:

  • Collect and analyze feedback from customers
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate new leads
  • Collect testimonials
  • Run academic and enterprise surveys
  • Conduct market research
  • And much, much more!

Although Qwary can be used to achieve a LOT of goals, most business owners will find it especially useful to measure NPS/CSAT/CES through simple and engaging surveys, which is a crucial step when selling any kind of product/service online or offline.

What’s MY Use Case?

I don’t use Qwary for what other marketers use it for.

How, you might ask?

Besides writing content for clients as a freelancer and posting articles as a webmaster, I’m also a med student who does quite a bit of surveys and research papers.

Now, while most of my fellow med students use the good ol’ reliable Google Forms to collect data, I tend to stick with more modern solutions. After all, Google Forms, although flawless in terms of functionality, aren’t that aesthetically pleasing. And, let’s admit it, if a form/survey isn’t appealing to the eye, no one’s going to fill it to the end.

What I want to say is, don’t set a hard limit for yourself. Qwary isn’t suitable only for feedback from clients; it’s a versatile tool that can have different applications in different industries, so give it a go before passing on it.

UI and UX

The first aspect I’m gonna cover in this Qwary review is the interface, because, in my opinion, it’s something that can make or break one’s experience when using a new tool.

The design of the tool itself is fascinating. Everything looks modern and clean within the dashboard, which is something I truly appreciate.

Qwary excels in terms of the User Experience as well. The UI is intuitive, and every functionality is just one click away. Using the app is easier than a walk in the park. I haven’t felt the need to ask for help when trying out this nice piece of software.

As soon as you fire up Qwary on your browser, you’ll get greeted with a plethora of templates that you can use. There are templates for pretty much anything, from Customer Feedback and HR to Education and Events.

Say you want to create a survey to measure customer satisfaction with your website. All you have to do is:

1. Select the template to preview it. You can preview the template for desktop devices, smartphones, and tablets.

2. If you like what you see, all you have to do is click on “Use this template”, which will take you to another page where you can:

  • Edit the questions

PS: Even within the same question, you get several options to play with:

  • Play around with the design
  • Define the conditional logic of your survey
  • Translate the content of your survey to different languages
  • Change the settings (whether you want to show Qwary’s branding, display a progress bar, show each question’s number, etc.)
  • Decide what to do once the customer has answered the survey
  • Play around with advanced settings (such as adding your GA tag, injecting code into the header/body)
  • And, finally, define your notification preferences.

As you’re editing, you can preview your survey to see how it would look like on different screens.

As you can see, the UI is clean throughout the whole process, and everything is super easy to understand and get done.

Alternatively, you can start creating your survey from scratch instead of using a template.

You needn’t worry about the organizational aspect as well, since you can create folders to organize your surveys for easier access and navigation.

What’s more is that the surveys are super beautiful on the front end as well.

Here’s a test survey that I created using Qwary, which proves what I just said:


Although Qwary is quite easy to use and is suitable for beginners, it does have some neat advanced tools for pros, including:

Survey Delivery

Qwary offers you the option to deliver the surveys through Facebook Messenger, send anonymous survey links, create QR codes that lead to your surveys, or email the surveys directly to your customers. You can even embed the surveys within your own website.

Here’s how an embedded survey would look like:

In other words, no matter where the user is located, you CAN reach them with Qwary.


As mentioned above, Qwary does offer plenty of templates out of the box, which can save you a lot of time when creating surveys.

What I especially like about this is the fact that you can preview each template/type of survey to get a feel for how the finished survey will look like.

Video Surveys

The video survey feature is just the cherry on top here, as it allows you to create personal connections with your customers/clients by presenting them with recorded videos.


You can easily translate your forms to a plethora of different languages using the app’s API, which is a feature that I really appreciate since most of my surveys (more on that later) are conducted in French.

The translations are AI-driven. In other words, you don’t need to do anything yourself (except a few edits here and there), which is a huge plus.


To help you integrate Qwary within your stack, Qwary offers the following integrations for developers

  • Zapier Integrations
  • Pabbly Connect Integrations
  • Integrately Integrations
  • Developer API Access
  • Outbound Webhooks
  • Calendar Integration to allow you to book meetings with your clients directly.

Analytics and Reports

Qwary offers robust analytics capabilities through:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Key driver analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • NPS analysis

Despite all those advanced analytical features, the Analytics dashboard is still pretty clean and easy to navigate.

Speed and Privacy

The app was as fast as they get when I was testing it.

As for privacy, Qwary is GDPR compliant, making it suitable for European users as well.

Support and Documentation:

It’s essential to consider the quality of support you’re going to get before sticking with any tool. After all, it would be terrible to abandon a project or an idea halfway through just because the support team couldn’t help with a certain issue or problem.

Qwary provides support through three mediums:

  • An extensive knowledge base that covers pretty much every topic out there.
  • A live chat team that’s available every business day
  • And, if no agent is available, the team will contact you via email

To test the quality of the support provided by Qwary, I contacted them on different occasions regarding some imaginary issues that I had. The response was fast and to the point every single time, and never once have they showed rudeness, even when the questions were obviously silly.


Another aspect that I must cover in this Qwary review is the pricing.

Qwary has three subscription plans for individual users and three for businesses:

Individual Plans:

Qwary Review Pricing: Individual Plans

Business Plans:

Qwary Review Pricing: Business Plans

The prices may seem a bit steep compared to what you’d pay for Google Forms (Uhm nothing Uhm) or a WP plugin, but considering that you’ll be getting a ton of advanced features and the fact you won’t have to worry about hosting your surveys or any other expanse, this is definitely a steal. Besides, you’re basically getting all the functionality of Typeform or QuestionScout without the hefty price tags.

Qwary also has a free 14-day trial that you can use to explore the tool before committing to a paid plan. You don’t even need a credit card to take advantage of the trial, which proves that the founders do trust in the tool they’ve created.

Lifetime Deal

If you don’t want to keep paying for this incredible tool on a monthly basis, you can get their lifetime deal, which is currently available on Appsumo.

Here’s the link to the listing (not an affiliate link):

What Needs Improvements

Honestly, I haven’t really encountered any issues during my tests. If I encounter any in the future, I’ll make sure to post them here.

As for things I’d like to see added to Qwary in the feature, the ability to collect video testimonials from clients would really make this SaaS app one of the most comprehensive survey tools out there.

I have great faith in the team behind Qwary because they have been listening to feedback and improving the tool since day one, something that you rarely see these days. (they added CNAME and embedding as soon as users started requesting them. Isn’t that amazing?)

If you found this Qwary review helpful, don’t hesitate to share it!

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