Live Your Life Like You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

by Mike
Live Your Life Like You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

You can be the hero of your own story.

You’ve messed up. You’ve been an idiot. You’ve been lazy and done stupid things. But you can turn things around — right now. And if you watch the three videos in this post, you will likely do it.

They are that powerful.

Start with this message from Joe Rogan:

Joe Rogan

What is a hero?

It’s unfortunate, but we are living in a society that all-too-often values and celebrates the wrong things.

Heroes aren’t idiots from Jersey Shore.

Heroes aren’t selfish no-talent heiresses.

Heroes aren’t spoiled entitlement-minded celebrities.

It’s a shame that so many look up to them as if they are.

Heroes are people who are leaders of possibility.

They are paving the way with courage and love. They are doers, not talkers. Heroes show the rest of us the way to live right. They face adversity and overcome it.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

-Joseph Campbell

The following 2 videos will show you true examples of heroes. These are true role-models and amazing individuals who in the truest sense, are heroes.

Watch them as examples of people already living life like they are the hero of their own story.

Rad Martinez

Live your life like you are the hero of your own story.

Commit to it — right now.

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