How Your Identity Controls Your Whole Life

by Mike
How Your Identity Controls Your Whole Life

What is the one thing? Your identity.

Everything you do or don’t do in life is stemming from your identity (which is nothing but a set of beliefs about who you are, and what you’re about).

Your identity is controlling your actions and therefore your life whether you realize it or not.

And get this, remaining consistent with our identity has been determined to be the strongest force within our psyche. It controls you. It controls me.

Unfortunately, most people wound up with their identity arbitrarily as a mismatch of random circumstances and life events. Reactions got stored up in the subconscious mind and secretly reside there controlling people’s actions and therefore their lives.

Isn’t it time to start evaluating your identity consciously?

After all, it is the controlling force behind:

  • how you feel
  • what you do
  • and therefore what results you experience

So here are some quick examples off the top of my head. The point of these is to examine your own life and identity along the way.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade?

Example 1:

You see yourself as a mediocre person.

Maybe that was instilled into you from your parents along with being the middle born child that no one ever really paid attention to. That is now your identity, but you don’t even fully realize it.

So now you get an opportunity to expand within your company and become a manager/leader. You find yourself shying away and feeling nervous about the opportunity. You decide to interview for the position but you get tongue tied and the whole time there is an awkwardness about you.

You don’t get the job and continue in your mediocre role. Your identity is reinforced again.

You are mediocre.

That’s just who you are.

Example 2:

You see yourself as the fat girl.

When you were young you were a bit chubby because your genetics weren’t cool with eating nothing but cold cereal, white bread sandwiches, and candy (the diet your mom fed you). You got teased on the playground.

Your subconscious mind decides to become at peace with this fact and create a belief that you are ‘the fat girl.’ Later in life you decide it’s time to change. You use all your will-power to engage on a new diet and running routine.

You are successful for 2 weeks and lose 5 lbs.

However, it starts to get painful to stick to this new lifestyle. You find yourself slipping, having things ‘come up’ and life gets in the way. You fall right back into your old habits. The identity of being ‘the fat girl’ is further reinforced.

The cycle repeats.

Example 3:

You see yourself as someone who can’t gain muscle.

When you started lifting weights in high school gym class you were one of the weaker kids. You never really played sports or did anything too active so your muscles had no previous training.

Some of the bigger dudes called you weak and when the coach charted lifting stats you were at the bottom. Your subconscious mind decides it needs to be congruent with what it perceives as reality and creates a belief about yourself: someone with genetics that won’t allow for muscle gain.

Later on in life your co-worker convinces you to start lifting weights with him at lunch time. You stick to it, but find yourself always a few steps behind your friend. Your brain pokes you and says “see told you so.” You find yourself trying a little less hard, and skipping more days.

You never really make too much progress because of these half-assed actions. “See told you so” your brain says.

Example 4:

You are an African American who was raised in the south side of Chicago in a rough part of town…the ghetto.

You looked around and saw that every single person you knew never went to college and almost all of them didn’t even graduate high school. You feel a strong pulling to fit in with your peers and find yourself sluffing school and generally not caring. When someone asks you if you plan to go to college you declare “collage ain’t for niggers.”

You end up dropping out of high school all the while unhappy with this path that will leave you destined to be broke or end up in jail. But after all, you aren’t fit for school, and pursuits of that kind. Sadly I encountered this exact scenario when I lived in Chicago….I was the one asking him if he planned to go to college.

Are you Ready to move beyond your old, outdated beliefs about yourself?

Well are you?

All it takes is a commitment to digging around in your subconscious mind and from there you’ll begin the process of uncovering the old patterns of thought that have held you down. I’ve found that things generally start to auto-correct once you’ve peeled through the onion of your mind and gained conscious clarity.

You see the matrix of your life and suddenly…ding you wake up in that moment. Do this over and over, and you have a new upgraded version of yourself.

So here’s a question:

What random occurrences have formed your perception of yourself? What are the examples from your life?

Who are you? At least, who have do you think you are?

Isn’t it time time to replace old shit beliefs about yourself with something that will enhance the quality of your life rather then inhibit it?

I think we all deserve to give this gift to ourselves. I know I do.

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